Tools for Self Healing from Hawaii

Whenever there is something inside that bothers me, I observe it, without judgement, breathing out that bad feeling that has appeared. I thank it for showing up, and then I let it go, for this, I keep breathing and visualizing how it leaves my brain, mind and consciousness. At the same time, I insert a simple yet powerful affirmation. Something like this:

Divine One (God), heal those painful memories and wrong ideas that are promoting this fear, this pain, this bad feeling. 

I am sorry, 

Forgive me, 

Thank you, 

I love you.

The last four phrases belong to a technique called Ho’oponopono. It needs to be understood that you the words are directed to your Subconscious, not to a specific person. Your Subconscious has absorbed thousands of memories from all times. This is what we are cleaning through this work.

There is quite a lot of information online about this Self-Healing Technique, most of it though it´s in Spanish.

Published by Dhyan Navjot Kaur

Mom of two. Homeschool mom. Master of Science. Environmental Consultant. I love learning and sharing. My teaching love has extended in the areas of Science, English (ESOL Certified Teacher), Kundalini Yoga and Diving (Dive Master YMCA and PADI). Kundalini yoga has been my source of inspiration, energy, and guidance. I love sharing the teachings of Yogi Bajan and help people feel better and enjoy life. The yoga courses we offer are put together by me, Dyan Navjot Kaur. I have been practicing kundalini yoga for 23 years and teaching it for 19 years in Mexico, Sweden, and Canada. I am also a Certified teacher [ROSS 2020EK21004416]. As a former Biologist, deep sea invertebrates were my focus and passion. I had the fortune of exploring the depths of the sea in different oceanographic vessels. I had the honor to have worked with amazing people in the Atlantis II (WHOI, USA) and Justo Sierra (UNAM, Mexico). Back then, the Atlantis II was the home of the submersible “Alvin”, the same one that discovered the Titanic! Later in life, I went across the ocean, all the way to Lund, Sweden to obtain a master’s degree in Environmental Biotechnology. While I was there, I did a lot of cool experiments with mushrooms to decrease the cost of biogas production. Then I felt in love with a Canadian (Peter Farquharson), who a married and have two kids and share life and projects with. Together, we created Abundanceflow and gradually as we live the life we share, our kids became part of this project and here we are.

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